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Shopping - Hong Kong is a great shopping destination. it is home of world's best brand in Asia. At the same time it also provides some cost effective shopping. Shopping opportunity is spread across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New territory. Make your mind and just reach appropriate location. Various shopping location and information is tagged under 'shopping'.

Tourist’s attraction - Being one of the most attractive travel destinations, Hong Kong is having many popular tourists’ spots. You can spend s to s0 days in Hong Kong visiting different places. To check the various tourist attraction options, you can select 'Tourist's attraction' tag.

Transportation - Hong Kong is not a small area and there are many transportation options available in Hong Kong. One likes to make best use of them. it helps in reaching destination faster and cheaper. Check all related notes under the tag 'Transportation'

Travelers Tips - While travelling what do you look for? Local tips can save time and money. In a multi-cultural society like Hong Kong, simple tips can be very helpful. Make best use of travel tips to enjoy and save money. Check tips at 'Travel Tips'.

Indian Food - Many Indian travelers prefer vegetarian or Indian food. Under 'Indian Food' tag, you can find places where you can get Indian food. All the restaurants are not necessarily only vegetarian. Read the articles to find only Vegetarian places.

Education - one of the biggest areas of concern for immigrants is child education. We have tried to collect important information under the head 'education'. It covers kindergarten, primary and secondary education topics.

Immigrant’s info - immigrants have many questions regarding accommodation, Food, Child education and cost effective shopping. You can select the quick search 'immigrant's info' and see all topics related to immigrant's queries.

Indian Grocery store - Whether you are traveler or immigrant, its nice to find shop selling Indian items. All articles related to Indian grocery are grouped under this tag.

Photo Blog - a picture speaks thousand words. its always nice to see some pictures before going to the place. Why don't you have a look at some pictures before visiting the place? Check all Photo blogs under this tag.