January 29, 2018

Rent agreement Renewal P2: Agree Rent amount

For last decade, rents have gone up consistently in all part of Hong Kong. You may like to check prevailing rent of similar house in similar locality before you start discussing new rent with landlord.

There are couple of options suggested here.
  1. Contact a property broker to see what rents are prevailing at the moment but you may find the rent suggested by brokers are sometimes inflated. Take their suggestion with little bit caution.
  2. You can also check recently executed rent agreements on some websites e.g. Centadata English website will give you list of recently executed agreement in Hong Kong. 
  • You can apply filter to find recently executed rent agreement in your area
  • Find properties similar to you are intending to rent / renews
  • Find rent of those properties

This may help you finding the rent you may need to agree to. You can also consider the other factors
like convenience, friends and approach of landlord.

Once you decide the rent you may like to pay, you can talk to landlord and agree the rent and terms and conditions.

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