November 10, 2017

Verification of supporting document for Right of Abode (Permanent Resident) in Hong Kong

First Page: Application for Right of Abode (Permanent Resident) in Hong Kong

Once you receive the letter to meet immigration officer, you must check the date and time allocated to you. If the time is not convenient, you can change it over phone or on website.

Please note that it is good to arrange this appointment 30 / 60  minutes before appointment for new HKID. It will save your one visit to Immigration tower.

This is final briefing and documents verification before approval of application for Right of Abode in Hong Kong. You must read the letter carefully and carry the documents required.

Usually, the documents requested are

1. Original HKID, if available
2. Original Passport
3. Original HK Birth certificate (if applicable)

Once your application is approved, you will be given paper to apply for new HKID card. You should make an appointment for new HKID 30/60 minutes after first appointment to save time time. You can apply for new HKID Smart Identity card online.

Note: This is not a legal advice. We have shared experience and suggestion from other resident in Hong Kong.

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