November 9, 2017

Application for Right of Abode (Permanent Resident) in Hong Kong

Once an immigrant completes 7 years as a legal resident in Hong Kong, he / she can apply for Right of Abode ( i.e. Permanent Residency) in Hong Kong.

You can apply at 25/F, Immigration Tower, Wan Chai with required documents in person or by post. You can also apply online in Hong Kong. An applicant must be physically present in Hong Kong at the time of application.

Documents required
  1. ROP 145 - Application for Verification of Eligibility for Permanent Identity Card 
  2. ROP 146 - Declaration of Having Taken Hong Kong as Only Place of Permanent Residence
  3. ROP 169 (in place of ROP 145) - Only Applicable for person holding one way permit
Other documents
  1. Copy of 7 years Resident evidence (e.g. 7 years tax payment receipt or all visa labels covering 7 years or Rent agreement for 7 years)
  2. Copy of HK ID card (if available)
  3. Copy of Travel document (i.e Passport)
  4. Travel document showing entry to Hong Kong and the applicant's current condition of stay in the HKSAR

    Child who is born in Hong Kong can apply for Right of Abode in HKSAR with Parents even if child has not completed 7 years in HKSAR. Please read more details here.

    Once you submit an application, you will receive acknowledgement soon. If successful, you will receive an intimation (with in 2 to 8 weeks) to appear in final briefing / interview and verification of documents.

    Note: This is not a legal advice. We have shared experience and suggestion from other resident in Hong Kong.

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