November 7, 2011

Photo Blog: Local Market - Meat Shop, Bakery, Electrical items shop

Local market is known as Wet Market in Hong Kong. You will find Wet Market in many areas in Hong Kong. You find vegetable, fruit, grain, meat, electronics items etc. Here is photograph of Meat shop, Bakery, Electrical items shop, Tools shop.
Wet Market, Restaurant

Wet Market, Bakery

Wet Market, Meat Shop

Wet Market, Meat Shop

Wet Market, Electronics & Tools Shop

Wet Market, Tools Shop

Wet Market, Meat Shop

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1 comment:

  1. Most of vegetables, fruits and meat are available in wet markets. Some even find live chickens to be slaughtered - if you like.

    I visit Indian grocery stores only for desi items - drumstick, sweets / snacks / shrikand etc.