January 26, 2012

Mansarovar Restaurant, Tung Chung, Hong Kong

There is a new Indian Restaurant at Tung Chung - Mansarovar. It is near Tung Chung fort. It offers extensive menu providing exclusive Indian menu.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

View: Photo Blog - Mansarovar Restaurant 'Take Away / Delivery' Menu

View: Photo Blog - Mansarovar Restaurant Full Menu

  • Good taste of food
  • Good service
  • Indian Food at Tung Chung
  • Free pick up and Drop service from Tung Chung
  • Average interior
  • Difficult to reach without guidance
G/F, 21 Haling Pei Tsuen, 
Tung Chung Fort, Tung Chung Road,
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Ph. 21O9 1927

Road Map

Highlighting Features
  • Indian food
  • Restaurant near natural beauty
  • Happy Hours
  • Transport service from Tung Chung & Airport
  • Catering & Delivery service
  • Parking, WiFi & Board games
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  1. The Mansarover in Tung Chung Hog Kong serves very tasty and tasteful dishes. It is a wonderful post