July 1, 2011

Dependent's Visa - Eligibility criteria

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HK Permanent Resident or Resident (who is not subject to a limit of stay) can apply for visa for his certain people including his parents. Here are rules regarding Visa application.
Eligible people
A Sponsor (HK permanent resident or resident who is not subject to a limit of stay) can submit visa application for following
  1. His / Her Spouse
  2. His / her unmarried dependent Child under age of 18
  3. His / her parents age above 60 years

Note: HK Resident can sponsor parents only. Resident can't sponsor brother, sister, friend or Spouse’s parent.

Favorable conditions
Visa decision is on description of Visa officer but here are some points which make application favorable. An application for admission of a dependent may be favorably considered if:
  1. Reasonable proof of a genuine relationship between the applicant and the sponsor
  2. Clean report of Applicant
  3. Sponsor's ability to support dependent’s living in HK
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Note: This is not a legal advice. We have shared experience and suggestion from other resident in Hong Kong.

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