July 15, 2011

Visa Options for Parents (Hong Kong)

I am yet to know an Indian who doesn't dream about making their parent travel across the world. No different are Indians living in Hong Kong - I have seen many senior citizens from India in Hong Kong. 

Indians have 14 days of Visa free stay at Hong Kong. But if you wish your parents to stay more than 14 days, you should apply for visa for parents. 

There are two categories under which visa can be applied.
1. Visitor's visa (limited period stay)
2. Resident as Dependent (longer stay)

Here are details you may like to check about Visitor's visa (this option is available anyone as its normal visitor's visa)
  1. Visitor's Visa - Eligibility criteria
  2. Visitor's Visa - Visa Document
  3. Visitor's Visa- Application & Submission 
Here is information about Resident as Dependent visa (this option is normally available parents of PR in HK)
  1. Dependent Visa - Information page
  2. Dependent Visa - Document
  3. Dependent Visa - Application & Submission 
There are some visa tips which can make the tour memorable.

Please note that this is not a legal or immigration advice. This is knowledge sharing only.

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  1. Thanks for information quite helpfult got your site while googling for visa requirements as I too plan to get my parents visit HK from India soon!.Just a question --can I extend the 14 days visa by visiting macau and reentering HK?Is it ok?.If this is ok I dont have to apply for visa.I have heard that sometimes you wont get permission.Please let me know if you have any information on advice on this