June 10, 2011

Rana Raj, Indian Restaurant, Hong Kong

Rana Raj is a new restaurant open at Hong Kong - Central. It is located at 77,  Wyndham Street, Central. It serves variety of food items, Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian food, Drinks etc.

Location Map, Rana Raj
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

It is at nice location where 'Pottinger street' meets 'Whyndham Street'. If you are walking, it may be difficult to find 1st time but keep map in your hand. Here is Location Map showing two roads leading to Rana Raj. Road 1 (shown in Red) is via Pottienger street. Road 2 (shown in Black) is via D'aguilar street.

You can find Kebabs, Tandoor, Main Course, Cocktail, Mocktail, etc - View Menu photograph.

Taste of food at Rana Raj is decent.

Good choice of Indian food 

Unlimited breakfast at decent price
Provided good offer via Groupon and Beecrazy

Services was average with only 1 staff for more than 10 tables
Choice of items on Breakfast was average
You may find it little expensive in case of a la-carte

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