April 9, 2011

Temple Street (Night Market) Jordan, Hong Kong

Temple Street - Night Market is one of the most popular street market in Hong Kong. 

Temple Street Photographs

Where is it situated: Temple street between Yau Ma Tei and Jordan MTR Station. 

How to reach: MTR, Jordan station, Exit A or MTR Yau Ma Tei station, Exit C.

Timing: Most of the shops remain open between 4.00 pm to 10.30 pm.

History: There is a temple which was built in the Qing Dynasty.

What to shop: Temple street is divided into two parts. It has more than 200 small stalls with many different items. The shops behind stalls also carry good shopping items. You will find some real good counterfeit items here. You can get apparels, bags, pens, watches, paintings, shoes, kids toys, soft toys, bags, bag-packs etc.

Be Careful: Be careful while going deep into street. a street joining two parts of temple street (shown as curve in map above) are notorious for dodgy items which you may not like to show children.

Shopping strategy:

  1. Bargaining is very much expected here but there is no % rule. You can bargain from 15 % to 40 %.
  2. If you find an item which you want to buy, first try to bargain another item at same store and see how much % of mark up they are adding, it will help you to guess the correct price of items you want.
  3. Just decide what you want to pay for an item and stick to that. You may need to let some deal go but it will help you to decide your pre-decided price is correct or not.
  4. Seller's are not very much conversant in English, hence it is not a bad idea to keep an image or Chinese name of the item, you are looking for.
  5. Do not get into any argument with anyone.

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