March 22, 2011

Apply for Pre-primary Education Voucher

Before applying for Pre-primary Education Voucher, you should ensure that you qualify for the same. Check eligibility criteria first.

Application process

1. Download 'Application form' from SFAA website
2. Fill the form
3. Attach supporting documents
4. Send Application form to SFAA, TST, PO Box 95161, Kowloon with appropriate label by post
5. It may take 8-10 weeks to process application hence time your application properly.

Copy of immigration stamp page
Supporting Documents 

1. Both parent's Passport copy (1st page with photo)
2. Both parent's Hong Kong ID card
3. Student's passport copy (1st page with photo)
4. Student's Hong Kong ID card, if any
5. Copy of passport page with immigration stamp

Requirement letter from SFAA

Processing & Query
Filled Application with supporting document should be sent to Student Financial Assistance Agency, TST PO Box 95161, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Envelop should be marked with words - Application for Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme (YYYY/YY).

In case of any query or problem SFAA will send a letter to applicant asking for more information or document. Application Inquiry Hotline is 2154 213.

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