January 17, 2011

Where to buy foreign exchange @ Hong Kong

Travelex ATM & Currency
Exchange @ Ngong Pong
A visitor reaching Hong Kong and coming out to arrival hall. What do you expect him to do first? Of course, looking for foreign exchange counter to buy Hong Kong Dollar.

There is an advice for all. Unless you need the currency on Airport, don't hurry up. Exchange rate at airport are very high. You can get real better rates inside city or your own hotel.

Fore Exchange
Counter at Kowloon
Hong Kong Dollar is pegged with US Dollar. Its price is fixed between US$1:HK$7.75–7.85  since May 2005. On Airport, you may get HKD 710 for USD 100 but in city you can get HKD 770 to 772 for USD 100. A simple gain of HKD 60 +.

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